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How the Portal Works to obtain Loans

Gandalf is a French financial company founded in 2011 that has completely innovated the personal loan landscape by creating the so-called “Credit Platform”. Gandalf, unlike other credit institutions, provides direct loans through a community of investors .

If you need immediate liquidity or need to buy a car or renovate the apartment, you can apply for a personal loan through the online platform of Gandalf . To obtain a loan immediately you must fill in the online form and you will immediately be contacted by a consultant who will help you to fill in the necessary documentation. Before obtaining the loan it is necessary to provide some documents:
– identity card;
– fiscal Code;
– document showing the income;
– sending of your bank’s IBAN or BIC code.

Within 24 hours of receiving the documents , you will be contacted immediately and if the outcome is favorable you will be credited the amount requested directly to your checking account within a few days . The procedure for requesting and disbursing the loan is very fast and simple and Gandalf takes only a small fee from the amount paid to cover the costs of the organizational structure.

Personal and finalized loans of Gandalf

Loans granted by Gandalf only provide for fixed interest rates and the amount of the installment is the same for the entire duration of the loan . Through the personal loan formula of Gandalf there are no intermediaries and 100% of the accrued interest are paid directly to professional investors who join the platform. Investors who finance your projects are not banks but private institutions, companies, foundations, insurance companies and legal entities. If a loan is stipulated with Gandalf there are no hidden costs but in the contract all fixed expenses are indicated (stamp duty, insurance expenses and preliminary investigation), and it is possible to know them in detail before the loan is signed. If you request a loan with Gandalf, no insurance is required.

With the bank you can get different types of loans , in particular you can request liquidity immediately, just need to pay online a paycheck or a pension slip . The maximum amount disbursed is € 40,000 to be repaid in 24.36, 48.60, 72 months and the APR and the TAN vary depending on the amount and duration of the loan. If you require € 40,000 to be paid off in 72 months, the TAN will be 4.79% and the APR will be 6.95%. With Gandalf you can apply for a loan to buy a new or used car , there is also a Youth Auto Loan to help new drivers buy their first car. Among the loans aimed at Gandalf we find that for the renovation of the house, for travel and holidays, for the consolidation of debts , for travel and holidays and many others to meet the financial needs of each applicant.

Benefits of applying for a loan with Gandalf

As we have pointed out, the company Gandalf operates exclusively online and has a single branch in Rome , consequently the low running costs and completely eliminates the costs for financial intermediating. Gandalf through online management can afford to offer its customers very low interest rates compared to other credit companies. The advantages of taking out a loan with Gandalf are different:
– fixed interest rate;
– no hidden costs;
– elimination of bank intermediaries;
– loan disbursement in a few days;
– outcome of the practice in 24/48 hours.

If you access the company’s website you can immediately calculate the interest and expenses of your loan, simply by indicating the type of loan, the amount and the duration. For example, if you need cash and you need € 3,500 and want to pay off the loan within 24 months, the monthly payment will be 152.03 with a TEN of 4.02% and the APEG of 8.68%. The total interest payable to investors will amount to € 148.72 and the total costs are € 150.50, consequently the total amount due to Gandalf will be € 3.648.72.

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