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The price of new real estate is slowing down again and rates are still low: it’s time to buy!

At the beginning of the year, prices are rising but less and less quickly in the new: + 2.2% only over the last twelve months. With credit conditions still very favorable, the market is particularly interesting for buyers …

All indicators confirm this trend. If prices are still rising slightly in the new, it is less and less fast. Since household morale is not at its best, demand is weaker. And the excellent credit conditions currently offered by banks (downgraded contribution requirements, longer borrowing terms, still low rates, etc.) have not had a strong impact on prices. considerably future buyers.

4144 € / m 2 on average

According to the latest barometer SeLoger LPI-1, the price per m 2 of new housing is on average € 4144. That is 2 594 € / m 2 for a house and 4 756 € / m² for an apartment. Last year at the same time, the annual rise in house prices was + 5.4%. It is now only + 1.9% over 12 months.

A slight decline in sales in 2018

A slight decline in sales in 2018

A sharp slowdown which is also explained by the slight decline in new home sales recorded in France last year (- 1.9%, according to the official figures of the Ministry of Housing 2 ), which could push sellers to to be ” reasonable ” for a few months. A higher figure for new homes (- 10.1% of transactions) than apartments (-1.2%).

Purchasing aids maintained

Even if the conditions of obtaining vary according to means of each one or the geographical situation of the good, the new real estate is always supported by several aids, which make it possible to finance a part of an acquisition, among which:

  • The Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) , which can finance up to 40% of a purchase
  • Assistance from the Family Allowance Fund , which has several schemes for the purchase of a new property: the ALF (Family Housing Allowance), the APL (Personalized Housing Assistance) or the ALS ( Social Housing Allowance)
  • The Housing Savings Plan (PEL)
  • The Social Accession Loan (PAS) , which is aimed mainly at young people
  • The Housing Action Loan (PAL), offered by some private companies to their employees
  • Action Housing and funds from 1% Housing
  • The Pinel law for rental investment

In addition, tax exemption schemes in new real estate have been maintained and should not be questioned.

Do not wait any longer!


The situation is therefore very favorable for buyers. And professionals do not consider a turnaround in the short term, at least until the end of next summer. If you have a real estate project, do not wait to make it happen!